Nordic Music Pool is a digital platform for Nordic orchestras, ensembles and composers.

The purpose of Nordic Music Pool is to match Nordic orchestras and composers. The tool can, quick and easily, show which Nordic composers and orchestras are available for collaboration.

The Nordic countries have around 60 orchestras and a large number of chamber ensembles, military orchestras, jazz orchestras and other professional ensembles supported by state or municipalities. Generally, the activities of a professional orchestra are planned two-three years ahead. On the contrary, composers in the business of film, media, dance and theaters plan their work within a shorter frame of time; from months to just a few days. Therefore, it is difficult to find a vacant spot in the calendars of the orchestras for recordings of the composers’ work. Despite the long-term planning, the orchestras experience unforeseen periods of time without activities – and here, Nordic Music Pool comes into play. Through Nordic Music Pool, the Nordic composers, having a piece ready for recording, and Nordic orchestras with a vacant spot in their calendar will find each other quickly.

Nordic Music Pool highlights the unexploited resources, strengthens artistic cooperation and creates new jobs in the Nordic music business. A large variety of live recording options enhances the prospects of finding a solution that fits the demands in question, and hopefully, the use of live orchestra recordings instead of samples will increase.

Nordic Music Pool is jointly contrived by DEOO – Danish Ensembles, Orchestras and Opera Institutions, Association of Norwegian Theatres and Orchestras, Swedish Performing Arts Association, Association of Finnish Symphony Orchestras and Iceland Symphony Orchestra together with Danish Film & Media Composers and the network of Nordic composer associations.

The project is funded by the Nordic Culture Fund.